Transformers Headmaster Weirdwolf
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Clip out and save the on-box tech specs to share. Look for other Retro Headmaster figures and see how your figures stack up against each other (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Transformers Generations Toys Deluxe Retro Headmaster Weirdwolf Collectible Action Figure – Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch

Experience the figures that started it all. This Transformers Retro Headmaster Weirdwolf figure is designed like the original G1 version — including figure styling, packaging, and art inspired by the 1987 G1 releases, plus classic tech specs and accessories. (Re)start a vintage Transformers collection with this Weirdwolf figure.

Weirdwolf is a cruel and vicious Decepticon, but he was built with a few wires crossed. He talks to himself in weird, sing-song backward way: “Destroy the Autobots I shall. Tear them to scrap metal I will.” Monxo, professional hyperwrestler turned underworld nightclub owner is his binary-bonded partner.

This Weirdwolf figure converts from robot to wolf mode in 17 steps and features an articulated wolf jaw. Weirdwolf figure’s head converts into Headmaster Trainer Monxo figure. Comes with blaster and sword accessories.

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